A Marvelous Order

Music by Judd Greenstein

Libretto by Tracy K smith

Direction and Multi channel Animation by Joshua FRAnkel


A Marvelous Order

A MARVELOUS ORDER is a multimedia opera about the battle between two brilliant visionaries, Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs, over the fate of New York City in the 1960s. Jane Jacobs' revolt against Moses' plan to demolish her home and her Greenwich Village neighborhood ignited a conflict that continues to shape built environments around the world, and the lives of all who call them home.

The opera tells a story about how the decisions made on our behalf by those with authority, and those who resist that authority, tangibly impact our lives. The transformation of Jacobs - who initially believes she can change the world from her typewriter, but learns that to defend her home and community she must move out into the street - is today as resonant as ever.


A MARVELOUS ORDER frames its conflict, implicitly, as a love triangle in which Moses and Jacobs vie for the affections of the City. It treats titanic figures as human beings driven by emotions. The story is rendered through music, poetry, dance and animation from a singular artistic team, created in a unique and deeply collaborative process.